Tickets for Hollywood & Highland LIVE today!

Tickets for Hollywood & Highland LIVE today!

It’s OFFICIAL! we failed to close. We moved our house of the Hopeless and Hilarious to our Hollywood & Highland location to accommodate more fails, foibles and especially more FUN! TICKETS LIVE NOON (PST)

Hollywood, CA February 21, 2018 — Our shrine to history’s epic fails and corporate flops is here to stay in LA!

What’s New Sneak Peak!

  • Snap-worthy instagram moments, go selfie wild!
  • MORE fails including JUICERO, Facebook Gifts, Google wave and more!
  • Our new and improved Failure Confessional!
  • Special Guests OMG who will they be?
  • MORE Swag

Top 3 FAQ answered below:

If I didn’t use my tickets purchased for the previous location, can I come?
You sure can! Simply present your proof of purchase at our box office!

If I already went, do I get a discount to come to the Hollywood & Highland location?
YES, you can come back for free, provided you bring a friend who hasn’t been!

How do I get tickets?
You can Reserve on line and skip the line! Ticket Link here. 
Or simply go to our box office and purchase them live.

By now you know all about our awesome curator Dr.Samuel West and our production company SEE, but what you may not know is a little about our new home:

About Hollywood & Highland

Hollywood & Highland is Los Angeles’ modern shopping, dining and entertainment destination for both locals and tourists located on the iconic Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood & Highland features contemporary fashion and beauty brands, boutique cafes and eateries, and entertainment attractions with direct access to all that Los Angeles has to offer. Follow Hollywood & Highland on Twitter at @HandHCenter; on Instagram at @hollywoodandhighland; or on Facebook at

SEE you there!