Samuel West brings his failures to TED TALKS

Twitter Peak Fail

This week Sam, the Museum of Failure’s quirky Swedish curator talks to TED about some of his favorite fails of the show. He discusses the typical styles of innovation fails that occur from launching too quickly and also tells us the story of the epically failed Swedish warship the Valsa, a ship that failed while still in the harbor! He educates a curious audience on why humans keep failing and missing the collective mind, despite huge budgets and marketing teams.

Some of the worst fails, which still baffle Sam today are the Twitter Peak and Colgate’s line of frozen dinners. As a digital media manager, The Twitter peak was offered to me to test as I was chosen as a Twitter influencer. Since I already had the Twitter app on my phone, it made zero sense to me why I would want ANOTHER device and I didn’t even agree to receive the stupid product as it involved a lot of flight testing of early software and I simply didn’t believe it would launch myself.

For those who will miss Sam’s TED Talk on NEXT17 here is the video for your viewing pleasure!