The Museum

The Swedish Museum of Failure exhibition is located in downtown Helsingborg, Sweden. It is only a short walk from the train station and the ferries from Denmark. The exhibition is presented in both Swedish and English, auch auf deutsch. There are many restaurants nearby. Parking is a problem, and we recommend trying to find parking around the city park.

The touring exhibit will feature some of the same items as the Swedish museum, but it will also include a rotating collection of brand new failures!

Both the Swedish museum and touring unit will host evening activities related to failure. How about a failed gourmet tasting menu at a fancy restaurant? A tasting of failed brews from regional microbreweries? Or a world-renowned classic pianist giving a concert of failed music? We welcome any further suggestions. The crazier the better…

The Swedish museum will open again in March/April 2018.

Swedish Location: Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden

Private Groups
The museum and touring unit offer guided tours for private groups during regular opening hours. The tour explores the exhibition highlights along with the interesting stories behind the items. It takes about 45 minutes and the group size is limited to 8 persons.

Organizational Groups / Corporate Events
This is an exclusive tour with the museum’s director Dr. Samuel West. The tour begins with an engaging talk on learning from failure, before exploring the exhibition together. The tours may be customized to focus on specific themes or innovation challenges. The talk and tour take about 90 minutes and are offered before or after regular opening hours. Great for larger groups and companies!

When booking, please request which tour you are interested in, preferred day and time as well as a little information about your group.

Language: English
Telephone: + 1 (312) 451-5432